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Aurora x2

professional 2-in-1 system with Multi-polar RF, Vacuum









What is Aurora x2?

Aurora x2 is the top-notch facial care & body slimming system realized with professional touch & sensitive details.



Multi-polar radio frequency technology

Multi-polar RF energy has the ability to induce irreversible thermal damage to adipose tissue by creation of directionally controlled electric fields within cutaneous subcutaneous tissue. The heating effect by RF leads increase microcirculation. Thus increases blood flow in the adipose tissue, which in turn increases metabolism of the tissue, homogenizing sub dermal fat.




Vacuum technology

Physical transmitted pressure &stretching effect of vacuum suction relaxes partitions and improve circulation and deliver this effect deep into the subdermal area result in SEPTA restructuring.




Structureaurora x2




Radio frequency 0.8 MHz (Multi-polar RF)
Applicators  3 (Large, medium, Face)
Vacuum range 320 mmHg
Dimensions (w*D*H mm) Dimensions (w*D*H mm)
Weight 10 Kg

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