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3-Max Coolshaping

















How does it work?

3-max coolshaping is an advanced body slimming system with the integrated technologies of cryolipolysis, Ultra-cavitation, ultrasound, and multi-polar RF. The system offers effective treatment method for fat and cellulite reduction with non-invasive treatment and minimized pain.




  • Strong cooling  performance (maximum -10c)
  •  Effective vacuum technology
  • Non-invasive fat reduction
  •  4 type of vacuum pulse















Cavitation effect

  • Deep fat treatment by powerful ultra-cavitation
  • Effective frequency 36 KHz
  • 4 types of pulse
  • Operating signal light function















Ultrasound effect

  • Stable and effective ultrasound frequency
  • Heating is caused by ultrasound effect
  • Micro massage for muscle relaxation
  • Effective management of cellulite














Multi-polar RF

  • Strong multi-polar RF thermal energy
  • Applied temperature sensor technology
  • Effective skin tightening and lymphatic drainage




















Cooling temperature 5 to -10c
Ultra-cavitation Variable (20KHz to 80 KHz)
Ultrasound 1 MHz
Multi-polar RF 1 MHz
Cryo applicator Medium
Large & small (optional)
Panel 7 inch, digital touch screen
Dimensions (mm) 379*438*1,066
Weight 60 Kg

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