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Beauty Pot

Synergizing 4 powerful technologies into one system   



How does it work?

Beauty pot is a professional portable body care system that incorporate 4 different technologies (RF, cavitation, cold laser, and LED) all into a single hand piece. Synergic effect of combining these technologies will yield much enhanced body slimming result




Radio frequency


Utilizes 0.8 MHz radiofrequency to continuously generate between 40 to 50 c heat within the tissue achieve therapeutic effect for reducing edema, pain relief, and to effectively manage body curves.








Using ultrasound with a specific wavelength to generate micro bubbles which will increase pressure until it implodes. Through the continuous implosion, the bubbles emit pressure wave in the liquids which stimulate the adipocytes and intracellular liquids, resulting in disintegration of the cell membrane.






Low level laser


Low level laser at 650 nm wavelength will break down stored triglyceride into free fatty acid and glycerol. The fatty acid and glycerol will then be used by body's natural metabolic system to create energy for tissues that need them. This will ultimately result in mortality or reduction in size of fat cell.








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