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Power Shape 2

Optimum Body manager

Four functions in one system 



How does it work?

Power shape 2 is a combined device of BI-polar RF, Vacuum, cold laser, Multi-polar RF, and thermal RF for powerful result.


Ultimate body manager

Radio frequency

Radio frequency delivers thermal energy deep into dermal layer, and involves applying electromagnetic waves to return physiological processes.



Reiterated vacuum massage effect alleviates the minor muscle pain and etc.


Low level laser





Roll handpiece

Large size auto roll applicator pulls up the targeted area of skin enhance vacuum suction effect.





Multi-polar RF handpiece

Multi-polar RF technology painlessly delivers optimal focused RF energy deep into dermis






Thermal handpiece

By delivering thermal energy in non-ablative method, RF energy penetrates deep into the dermis layer, resulting in collagen stimulation without any damage to the superficial skin.







Power Shape 2


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