The Ultimate Face Tightening
& Body Contouring System

Advanced Ultrasound of Tomorrow

Engineered to reverse apparent signs of aging powered by MFU and MFCU ultrasound, the ULFIT guarantees non-invasive, comfortable, and customized procedures exclusively on the face, body, or on multiple areas to show the patient’s full potential.

MFU Technology

Multi-depth Micro Focused Ultrasound Coupled with slimly designed transducers, the face cartridges
of the ULFIT can easily deliver an even distribution of MFU into multiple contours of the face at multiple depths for wrinkle reduction and lifting procedures.

MFCU Technology

The Industry’s First Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound
The circular design of the multi-depth body cartridges is equipped with MFCU technology that delivers wider coverage as well as equal and precise distribution of high-density ultrasound energy into the focal region.

Transducer Technology

Ulfit is equipped with dual motor heads to produce better treatment results.

Larger Focal Width

Wider transducer yields less pain and precise distribution upon making contact.

Optional Pain Control

Users may select between “G” (General) and “P” (Pain control) modes to dramatically reduce pain levels.

Reduced Pain

The ULFIT is engineered to deliver treatments with 80% less pain.

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